QuickBooks Online Budgets

QuickBooks Online Budgets Sync Budget Data Directly from QBO

Reach now allows you to sync QBO budgets and automatically updates any changes that are made within QuickBooks Online.

Follow these steps:

  1. In any metric or statement: Select the Budget/Forecast column type.  This can be found in the column header by selecting the gear icon or is available when you add columns.
  2. Choose the Budget you want and then choose the date range for that column.
  3. Add a Title or leave it blank to show the dates applied.

Make sure that if you are pulling in Quarterly or Annual Budgets that the time-frame is matching to what is in QBO.  For instance, if you build a Quarterly Budget in QBO but only show one month in Reach, the data will be flawed.  

If you are syncing with a monthly budget from QBO and choose to show a Quarter or multiple-month time period, Reach will handle the calculations. 

Add the accounts you want to show in rows, this is how you will see the data. This enables you to show some specific accounts or a full statement.

Add custom equations and columns to show variance amounts and percentages. To create formulas in any custom cell, type (=) and then start typing the name of the formula you want to apply.  (If you are familiar with spreadsheets, you will love the ease of use.)  

In addition to the budget data, you can also add other accounts to predict bank balances, cash flow, or whatever is best for your clients.  Display it on a client dashboard or deliver a high-quality PDF. 

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