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New Updates Summary

May 12th

New Company Settings Settings

Check out our new company settings section.

Introducing New Striped Rows Colors

We have added some additional settings to striped rows when using table metrics.



April 13th

New Goal Line Settings

Check out some of the new features we have added when creating and adding goal lines to your metrics.


Introducing Live Table of Contents

We have added the ability to add a live Table of Contents to your reports watch the video below to learn how to this new feature.


March 2th

New Special Metrics

Special Metrics have been added as a new metric preset. These special metrics make it easy to create metrics base on Top Expenses, Top Customer, and other Top account Performer metrics. 

Add Company Logos to Statements

You now have the ability to add company logos to statement pages next to the statement's title. 


January 20th

New Waterfall Metric

We have added a new waterfall metric watch this short video to learn how to use this new metric.


January 12th

Area Charts

Now within the additional settings, you can change line charts to area charts within the data series settings. As well as adjust the opacity.

New Budgeting with Excel

We have added a new budget with Excel feature.

New Premium Reports

Make sure to check out the new premium report templates we have added. You can view them by going to reports and selecting add new report. All reports have been made to auto-populate with your bookkeeping data.


November 12th

Export To Excel for All Metrics and Statements

This new feature will allow you to quickly export any of your custom-built metrics or statements quickly to Excel. Exporting to excel will keep all your custom formatting and allow you to quickly use any statement, budget, or metric built within Reach to be used in Excel. To do this open any metric or statement to access the builder and click the new export to Excel button in the upper right.

November 6th

New Report Settings, Live Logos, and Always Visible Rows Settings.

New reports settings let you easily change and edit your company logo, company name, prepared by data, and disclaimer. We have also added live logos allowing you to easily include logos on a report without having to update them one by one. New visible row settings allow you to choose what rows are always visible even if you are hiding zero value rows.


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October 30th

Updated Allowed Logo and Image File Types

Images and logos have to be of one of the following types which are the types allowed by Reach Reporting.
• PNG 8 bits
• PNG Black and white


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October 12th

NEW Updates October 12, 2020

This week we added these new features:
• Report Theme Color
• New Pie Chart Settings
• New Budgeting Tool
• Added New Video Tutorials Section


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August 7, 2020

Conditional Formatting

Added New Conditional Formatting feature within metrics and statements.

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July 24th

Google Sheets Integration. -BETA

Now connect google sheets data to use within Reach Reporting.

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July 23rd

Budgeting/Forecasting, Right Click, Other Improvements.

Now you can create budgets and forecasts directly in Reach Reporting. Simply go to the Budget/Forecast icon located in the lower-left after opening a company.


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July 14th

Edit in Full-Screen, Format Painting, Other Improvements.

Now anytime you edit a metric or statement you will have the ability to use full screen. Simply go to the upper right corner while editing and click the full-screen icon. To exit from full-screen click the icon again.


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June 19th

New Financial Visual Reporting Templates

To access these financial visual reports, go to Reports and select "Create New" and then you will be able to access these templates.


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June 5th

White Label Improvements for Reach Reporting

This week we added these new improvements to our white label:
• Filter Row by Class/Department
• Color Palette Enhancements


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