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March 22, 2022 | New Features March

New Features March 

Learn how to use the newly added Dashboard Dividers, as well as how to use the export to excel feature within Dashboards and Reports.


Dashboard Client Portal and Publish Icons

Quickly see what dashboards you have published or included in the client portal with new icons on dashboards.


Screenshot 2022-03-21 133817

This month we have added a couple of new features.

The above video introduces you to each feature and helps you learn how to use them.

The first feature is Special Metrics, this is a feature we have been very excited to add.

Adding special metrics follows the same process as adding any other metrics, open a dashboard and click add a metric, then select presets from the drop-down. You can then filter by a special metric.

You will see a handful of presets we have created for you.  Once you have added a special metric to your dashboard, edit it. This will take you into the familiar metric builder. The metric builder will have an added bar of dropdowns and settings underneath the metric's title.

These dropdowns and options will help you edit and create your special metrics.

The first drop-down will allow you to choose what kind of special metric you would like to build. The dropdown to the right of that allows you to choose the date range to generate the accounts that will be shown in the metric table below.

The next option to the right of the date range is where you can set how many Accounts you wish to show.

Continuing on, the last option lets you choose which accounts you wish to show, Parent accounts or sub-accounts.

That covers most of the basic Special metric creation settings. Unlike other metrics, you can not add any additional custom rows, but you can add additional columns allowing you to add custom formulations, such as a percentage formula like we have here.

Once you are finished creating and editing your special metrics, click save and close. This will take you back to the dashboard view.  

On special metrics, we have added a new Special Metric Filter Settings. When clicked will open some of the settings you used to create this metric, specifically the date range dropdown, number of accounts, and the account type dropdown.

These settings will be available here within the dashboard as well as in the client portal if included in the client portal. Allowing your clients a more interactive element within a dashboard.  

We are dedicated to helping you.

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