Using Live Text in the Reach Reporting Builder

Using Live Text in the Reach Reporting Builder This is a quick article of how to use live text within the Reach Reporting builder.

Use Live Text in the Reach Reporting Builder

Live text is the text that can be included in your report that will always stay up to date. For example, you can add "total income for last month". The live text will reflect the prior month's total income regardless of the date you create the report.

First, to add Live Text to a report, open the left menu and click on the icon for Live Text.

Right away you notice the drop-down at the top is a date range.  If you change the date range, all of the live text beneath will update to the updated date range.  

In the drop-down, you will choose your date range or you can also choose a custom date range.  All options are live text and will update each time. 

You can choose to abbreviate the data and can format any negative numbers to display a parenthesis instead of a negative sign. 

Once you have chosen your dates, click and drag the text. Release once it’s on the page.  

You can also drag the live text into an existing text box and it will keep the formatting.

Second, now that the live text has been added you can now format the same way as other text.

You will notice when you click inside of the text box to edit, the live text will show exactly what is being used. When you click on the total income live text that it now shows the words “total income”. You can also drag in the company name.  

These features are useful when you are building a report that you want to use as a template for all of your clients. By doing this, the company name and data will always update to the company that is being worked on.

Third, once you’ve included live text, if you want to modify it; select edit at the top right. This will show your current live text settings and will have options to edit font size, font, right indent, etc.

After the live text is added and you need to change the date range use the date override options. This will allow you to change the dates on any of the live text.

If you are using a lot of live text in a report, it’s easiest to use the drop-down in the menu to narrow down the exact page where you are wanting to change the live text.

Simply check the box next to the live text that you want to change.  Then select apply to selected and the live text will update. 

Once you are finished, click “Done” to exit the Live Text Settings. 

Live Text behaves similarly to other text so you can customize the format and also add it to your scratchpad to be used on other companies and reports. 

See the video below for more information. Any questions please let us know.

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