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January 20th, 2021 | New Waterfall Metric

New Waterfall Metric

We have added a new waterfall metric watch this short video to learn how to use this new metric.


Today we are going to walk you through a new addition to our metrics, Waterfall charts. These can be found when adding a new metric, in the preset section or when building a new metric.

Let's add a new one from a preset. To do that, go into a dashboard and click add new in the upper right, and select presets from the drop-down. Now you can select waterfall from the tabs and add a waterfall chart.

Waterfall charts are used to visualize the beginning point and the endpoint using accumulative values. For example, when viewing total income, we can see the month-over-month growth as a total, but if we switch to net profit, we can see how some months will go up and others will go down.

Each month's starting point is from the last month's endpoint.

In a waterfall chart, you will notice that you can only show one row at a time if multiple columns are selected, or you will only be able to show one column if multiple rows are selected.

Within the additional settings, you can choose the waterfall data of each row or column pulled in and set them as either balance or total, as well as positive or negative.

In the additional settings, you can also change the color of each value just like you can in the other metrics.