Display Options: Row Change

Display Options: Row Change Create a row that can change values and be used in equations and treated as a variable. 

Display Options within Reach Reporting | Visual Finacial Reporting

The Row Changeability allows you to use a row to have multiple values that can be used in calculations. This results in a drop-down ability to see various calculated results. 

Here is an example of what it can look like once it's set up. 

Edit the metric or statement and then select "Display Options"

Under Row Change

Toggle this to on. Then Add various options.  Make sure to add the title for each drop-down or else this will show up blank.

The row number must be a custom row.

Once you have the row that you want to use, now you can apply a single value that will populate all cells within that row.

You can create multiple values and drag to re-arrange the values to order them in the drop-down.

Once you are done, make sure you save these changes here and then save the metric as well.  Row Change drop-downs are available on dashboards within the client portal.  Within reports, you can use the drop-downs to quickly change the metric or statement.  You can also add the metric or statement as a template and use it within other companies. The settings you choose here will be available. 

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