Display Options: Class/Dept Filter Override

Display Options: Class/Dept Filter Override Set up Class and Departments Filters that can be used on Reports and Dashboards.

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The Class/Department Filter's ability allows you to apply filters to columns and over-ride any existing filters.

Here is an example of what it can look like once it's set up.

Edit the metric or statement and then select "Display Options"

Under Class/Department Filters

Toggle this to on.

If you have many classes or departments and only want specific ones to be available, you can select specific ones.  All of them are visible by default.  

Make sure you also save the metric or statement after selecting save here.  Then on the dashboard or report, you will have the filterability available. 

Once you are done, make sure you save these changes here and then save the metric as well. The Filters are available on dashboards within the client portal.  Within reports, you can use these to quickly filter also. These settings will also save when you save the metric/statement as a template. 

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