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Building Metrics and Statements with Reach Reporting

Building Metrics and Statements with Reach Reporting Main features within the editing/creating of metrics and statements.

Building Metrics and Statements with Reach Reporting

Below are a couple of images to help you see the different abilities within the metric/statement builder.

Build Metrics and Statements

Add Custom or Date Range Columns

Filter by Class/Dept- on Columns and Rows available

Easily change column types

Show/Hide Columns and Rows

Sort ascending or descending

Map/Re-Arrange Rows

Format cells

Add Data/Account Rows/Reference Data-sheets.

Add Custom Rows

Perform Calculations

*Display Options - http://help.reachreporting.com/en/collections/2337887-metric-builder-statement-builder - Display Options

Preview and Additional Settings- Depending on if it is a Metric or a Financial Statement, the additional setting options will be different.

If Metric

Type Options: Table, Column Chart, Line, Bar, Scatter, Pie

Table Type:

Multiple Titles

Only show non zero values option

Striped Rows

Columns Lines

Chart Options:

Multiple Titles

Stacked Charts for column and bar types.

Axes - Invert, Format X, Y, and Right Y axis. Set min and max for Y axis

Data Series- Mix chart types, Set Colors, Set Axis

Value Labels- Enable and format.

Legend- Enable and format.

Goal Lines- Enable and Customize. Not available on Table/Pie chart.

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