Book Month - How to Use

Book Month - How to Use The Book Month allows you to use Live Dates and Live Text to respond to the Month you set. If books aren't finished, easily modify.

Use Live Dates and Live Text within Reach Reporting

The book month makes it easy for reports and dashboards to adjust to the month your bookkeeping is finished for.

  1. Just go to your Workspace
  2. Select the book month and set it to the Month the books are finished for.  You will see a revert next to it if you change it from the default.  This means it won't auto-update when the month is finished. By default, the book month is always the last month.  Live dates and Live Text respond to the book month set.  

Any metrics/statements or Live Text that is set as a range without live-updating will not be changed when you adjust the book month. 

You can set the book month for each client. When you select revert it will go back to the default state of auto-updating to the last month.

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